Protecting Your Home

Dated: 09/27/2017

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We all know crime is on the rise lately and it doesn't matter what neighborhood you live in. Thieves are keeping an eye out all hours of the day and can target your home at any time. We as neighbors need to keep an eye out for any suspecious activity we see and report it to the police. Even if you are unsure if the suspecious activity is anything to worry about, reporting will allow police to step up patrol in the neighborhood and that activity could be a lead for other crimes, so report anything you see that doesn't seem right.

Below are some helpful tips to help keep your family and home safe....

*Make sure your home is well lit at night. 

*Install security cameras around your home. These can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars and does not need a professional to install them.

*Make sure everything that looks to be of value is out of site in your vehicles.

*Make sure all doors are locked, home and auto.

*If you have an alarm, set it everytime you leave your home and at night.

*Make sure car windows are all the way up.

*As much as we love the blinds open and the natural light coming into our homes during the day, this is just an invitation for a thief to see what you have in your home. Keep them closed.

*When going on vacation, make sure you don't mention it on social media or any other public page. This makes your home an easy target. Only tell a couple trusted neighbors around you, and ask if they would keep an eye out.

*Use a lock on your outside gates and sheds. Yes, thieves can jump a fence but if they are carrying out a large item from your home this will be much harder to do.

*Bring up trash cans as soon as you can after the trash is picked up. Any trash can left out is a sign you are not home.

*Bring in your garage remotes from your cars. If they were to get into your car, your remote is an easy way to get into the house also.

*Check your mail daily. Mail that piles up in your mailbox is another sign you are away. 

Have you heard of the new way thieves are getting into your garage? Watch this video below and get your home protected today! Share this with all your family and friends.

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